[Peers] Dataviz matters! Update to my Ph.D. thesis

The final question at my Ph.D. defense was by prof. Richard Gill. He saw an easy improvement to the data visualization in the introduction of my Ph.D. thesis.

Not that I was too happy about it myself. The main point of the figures was that sampling distributions and p-values depend a lot on the sample size (the number of heart attacks n, in the example) – you can only visualize them in this way given a sample size or stopping rule. That was still clear from the figure, but it was very distracting and counterintuitive that the distributions in the figure shrank, for which I had to add a long caption below Figure 1 of my Ph.D. thesis. It was October 2021, and I had set the deadline for my Ph.D. thesis to November 1st.

I simply did not see the easy fix.

Thanks to Richard, my Ph.D. now has better figures. Also thanks to Nicos Starreveld, who wrote a very nice article about my Ph.D. thesis that reuses the improved figure. The updated Ph.D. thesis can be found in the Amsterdam UMC repository.

In this blogpost I also post the improvements to Figure 2 and Figure 3 that follow.

Fri, 20 January