[General] Defense, title and signature!

On April 7th 2022, I successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation, received my "Dr." title, and signed the famous "Zweetkamertje" of Leiden University!

Many were there with me! I want to thank my supervisors Peter Grünwald and Daniel Lakens and the reading committee that evaluated my dissertation: Jelle Goeman, Joanna in 't Hout, Glenn Shafer, and Alex Sutton.

It was a very inspiring discussion following the questions from the opposition committee: Glenn Shafer, Joanna in 't Hout, Henri van Werkhoven, Jelle Goeman, Hein Putter, and Richard Gill.

Everything went super smooth, thanks to my wonderful paranimfs Laura Schut and Marnick van de Zande. I really couldn't have done it without them!

And I want to thank my family, friends, colleagues, and CWI for their support. This was a truly great day!

A news article about my defense can be found on the Leiden University website (in Dutch) and at the CWI website (in English). The complete dissertation can be found in the Leiden University Repository and the CWI Repository.

I did not want to share photos unasked, but my paranimfs insisted that this diploma photo-op was made for posting:

Mon, 11 April